Superior CBD

Avid Hemp believes promoting all-natural,  organic lifestyles leads to greater long-term health & happiness.  Avid Hemp goes to extensive lengths to ensure you receive superior  quality CBD products every time you order. Our meticulous use of CO2  extraction is the best and cleanest solution to extract CBD. We offer  superior quality CBD in our all of our products – we guarantee it.

CO2 Extraction

Are  you ready for a cleaner, purer, tastier, safer and overall truly higher  quality cannabis concentrate? CO2 extraction provides that. It’s a  clean way to remove all the unwanted toxins and chemicals. And best of  all, this extraction method won’t leave behind trace amounts of toxins  in the finished product. Now that’s something to sit up and take notice  of.

Local U.S. Farms 

Avid  Hemp has unwavering dedication to produce the highest quality CBD  products available. You can be sure you are always buying the highest  quality CBD from us. Check out our lab report if you don’t believe us.  We are connected with Florida & Colorado associations of hemp  farmers and only purchase the purest grade CBD directly from Colorado.  We supply regionally grown hemp from the best facilities and  agriculturists. Additionally, we work with those who are centered on  identical quality-control rules.

We  domesticate the highest-quality strains of hemp that are naturally  developed. Also, we have now constructed and implemented more  requirements. Our requirements surpass the highest expectations. When  you work with us, you get high quality CBD.

You  can feel confident that we possess a world-class expertise. Buy high  quality CBD products and get results. Our dedication is to “WOW” every  customer and deal with them the only way we see fit – like members of  our family. We even offer a money-back assurance. We invite you to join  our CBD family.