User Testimonials

Real People, Real Results

Our own testimonial:  Randy started using it because he's had terrible IBS and was looking for anything to help get it under control.  He did a ton of research on CBD before choosing Hempworx and ordering a bottle of the 500.  He started in January of 2018.  Within two weeks he knew things were changing.  It's April now and he feels like he's been given a new life.  All of his IBS symptoms are gone.  He no longer has to avoid events or plan his whole day around getting to bathrooms.  We will sing it from the mountains...CBD WORKS! 

We've copied a few testimonials from different CBD users so you can hear it straight from the people who love their CBD. 

From John:  I don't generally tell people about my private life, but I have to when it comes to CBD.  We were hit by two different disasters within a few years of each other.  We lost everything..twice.  The stress and trauma from it all caused me to start to have panic attacks and I was diagnosed with PTSD.  I got on some meds and tried to get back to normal, but the panic attacks kept coming.  Some weeks I'd have five or six.  Every time I felt like my heart was exploding in my chest and I couldn't breathe.  A friend of mind starting posting on Facebook about this miracle hemp stuff and I asked him about it.  I bought a bottle of the 750 and started with it in February.  It's been almost two months and I have had ONE panic attack.  I feel like everyone should know about this.  It has changed my life and I will always use it. 

From Candace about using CBD for her Dog:  My boy Max is 12 years old & had that blue haze on his eyes.  He was unable to get on the furniture anymore & he cried every time he tried to get up off the floor or his dog bed.   I took him to the vet for pain meds and she told me it was time to start thinking about end of life procedures. I started him on the oils and now he plays with the puppy,  he sleeps on the couch,  and when I come home he greets me at the door. And that blue haze is gone from his eyes.

From Shelley about her daughter with ADHD: My 7 year old daughter has been on the CBD oil for about five weeks now.  We've noticed major changes in her ability to focus and not lose her temper over small things.  Yesterday her teacher sent me a message saying that it's like night and day and she can't believe it's only the CBD oil that has changed our daughter so much in such a short time.  We are so grateful to Blair for introducing CBD to us!  

From Ken, Rick, Elly & Cindy....all of whom bought CBD online from Amazon or other sources....They all discovered Owego Hemp and were shocked at the difference in what they paid and  the results they got once they made the switch. 

From Rebecca: I started using the gummies in July of 2018 to help with my anxiety.  I can't believe the difference it's made in my life.  If I feel panicky, I chew a gummie and within minutes I'm calmer and under control.  I also use them to help me sleep when I'm too amped up to settle down on my own.

From Dave: 

I'd been using a 1200mg vape liquid that I bought online.  I thought I was getting a great deal with a high dose of CBD.  Then I heard about SAUC from Owego Hemp.  I asked them how a 300mg liquid could possibly compare to my 1200mg bottle.  They were able to explain the math (my bottle was twice the size, etc) and that the SAUC was strain specific, full spectrum & full of terpenes.  I decided to give it a try and WOW what a difference.  I use it for my anxiety and it's fantastic!  The Sour Diesel is my favorite.  

From Dorthy (one of our favorite customers) I use the oil for my knees and lower back pain.  I've had both my knees replaced and was no longer wanting to take prescription pain medicine after the initial healing.  I asked my doctor about CBD and he was all for it.  I got the 1000mg Avid oil from Owego Hemp and it's been very effective in managing my pain during recovery.  

From Donna:  I bought the 500mg Hempworx for my mom who has Parkinsons.  She hesitated to use it, but once I convinced her to give it a try she started adding it to a small glass of water every day.  Within a couple of weeks she was showing signs of improvement in her tremors.